Cover for all company-owned desktop computers, laptops, mainframes, printers, computerised telephony, UPS and all associated computer equipment.

It protects your business against:

  • Computer breakdown and accidental loss
  • Destruction or damage to your computers and software caused by fire, storm, flood
  • Accidental damage such as dropping a laptop or spilling a drink on it
  • Theft (no forcible or violent entry restrictions)
  • Where equipment can’t be repaired, we pay for it to be replaced with new equipment of the same specification, if available

Cover can be extended to include

  • Increased cost of working/additional expenses such as overtime, travelling costs or hotel accommodation that might be incurred to enable continued trading
  • Reinstatement of Data (ROD) and Business Interruption
  • Protection against the cost of replacing data, and data-carrying materials and disks, following accidental or malicious damage
  • The costs of converting existing data if it’s incompatible with replacement computers
  • The cost of re-writing research and development
  • Damage caused by viruses or similar mechanisms.


Stephanie McEntee Cert CII –

Emma Pickford Cert CII –

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