Driving licence paper counterpart ceases to be a legal document

From the 8 June 2015 the paper counterpart to the GB photocard driving licence will no longer be issued by the DVLA (excluding Northern Ireland) and will cease to be a legal document. The counterpart was introduced to display driving licence details that could not be included on the photocard. These details state which vehicle categories the licence holder is entitled to drive including any motoring convictions/penalty points.

The licence summary is now accessible on the DVLA website where licence holders can check their details. They can also choose to share their licence details with a third party such as their insurer or broker by generating a code and providing the last 8 characters of their driving licence number (DLN). Options to print or email their licence summary are also provided.

View your driving licence information

You can use this service to:

  • view your driving record, e.g. vehicles you can drive, penalty points and disqualifications
  • create a licence check code to share your driving record with someone else, e.g. your employer or a car hire company

The check code will allow someone to see what vehicles you can drive, any penalty points or disqualifications, your name and the last 8 characters of your driving licence number.

You can’t use this service:

  • if your licence was issued in Northern Ireland
  • to check the progress of a licence application
  • to check historical information, e.g. expired penalty points or old driving licence entitlements

You’ll need

Other ways to apply

By post

To see what information the DVLA holds on your driving licence you can either send a request form or a letter with the following information to the DVLA:

  • your full name and address
  • your driver licence number (or your date of birth if you don’t know your driver number)

Send your request to:

Driver Licence Validation Service
SA99 1AJ

Please see the following link for more information on how to share your driving licence details


How we will validate driving licences
Where we need to validate the policyholder’s licence we will request a copy of the photocard. In addition, the driver in question will need to provide a ‘share code’ and the last 8 characters of their Driving Licence Number. This information will enable us to access the licence details online, download a PDF copy of their licence summary and validate the licence information declared by you.

Insurers will be unable to provide cover for anyone refusing to comply.

If you’re looking to rent a car while abroad this year, these changes will threaten to put the handbrake on many summer holidays. The driving licence paper counterpart may have been scrapped but many car hire companies still insist on examining it.

Don’t get caught out, follow the necessary steps detailed above for the relevant passcode, but remember this is only valid for at least 72 hours!





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